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Toria Bonding Warranty


The service records of all our machines are kept by our data processing service center, and the performance of your machine is constantly monitored. Our customers receive regular reports about their machines’ performance and service status.

Toria recommends customers use only authorized original parts for their machines. The use of original parts will extend the life of your machines and prevent disruption of your production. All Toria original parts replaced by our authorized service technicians are guaranteed for 1 year against fabrication errors.

98% of the problems our service teams respond to are resolved on-site in our customers’ locations.

Toria Machine Delivery and Assembly Service


Toria machines are shipped as factory delivery or customer’s door delivery, depending on the agreement. Our machines are delivered with user manuals, machine documents and warranty certificates.

Machine assembly is completed by our authorized service technicians. After assembly, training is provided to the customer or their representative and the warranty certificate of the machine is signed and delivered to our customers.

Spare authorized Toria machine parts are stocked in our warehouses.

All of our expert service technicians assigned to the maintenance and repair of Toria machines have undergone rigorous training and completed certification to ensure they are able to resolve customers’ issues.

You can get detailed information and support by contacting our expert staff at +90 212 486 38 48.

Toria Quality


A new generation of advanced heating system is used in all Toria machines. Our success with hot-air band welding machines comes as the result of extensive research and development. We have collaborated with EPA Technology, the world's most successful shirt machine company, to create our latest "low pressure air heating system."

Only world-class pneumatic and electrical materials are used in our machines. Quality control and product testing is meticulously carried out in our facility.

Toria machines work at high temperatures. Therefore, the materials used in these machines have been specially treated against heat stress and their heat resistance has been rigorously tested.

Thanks to the versatile software we have developed in the machine program, it is easily adapted to all kinds of fabric and tape.

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    98% of the problems our service technicians respond to can be resolved on-site.

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