Double Bonding Press Machine

Toria 721

  • Toria 721 Double Bonding Press Machine

Toria 721 - Double Bonding Press Machine
Technical Specs

  • Used for welding bonding tapes on product.
  • Thanks to its specially designed upper and lower molds, it adapts perfectly to all fabric types and adheres the product on the product perfectly.
  • Specially-designed upper and lower moulds of Sleeve Placket Press prevents product from slipping during the pressing process
  • High efficiency obtained at very low pressures with air bag ironing system, generating no deformation on the fabric
  • Pressing heat and timing can be adjusted according to material
  • Toria 721 Bonding Press has High-vacuum lower mould
  • Vacuum motor installed inside bonding machine with high vacuum producing capacity
  • Vacuumed cooling system
  • Specially-designed resistors and upper pressing head allow equal heat diffusion on pressing area
  • Easy to use digital display
  • Digital screen provides hourly and daily production reports
  • Smart-fault notification system of Bonding Press enables easy detection of machinery malfunctions, trackable using the screen
  • Unique resistors and computerized temperature control system provides precise heat adjustment and energy savings
  • A number of safety precautions protect the operator
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Control) controlled machine
  • Machine has a CE certificate

Machine Information

Technical Specs

The Toria 721 is used for welding bonding tapes on product.

  • Electrical

    380 V

  • Power

    5 Kw

  • Capacity

    150 pcs/hr

  • Air Consumption

    96 nl/min

  • Compressed Air

    6-7 bar

  • Size

    700 x 1200 x 1900 mm

  • Weight

    900 kg

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